Even a week of sunshine and relaxation can be enough to disrupt the best studying habits. Sure, many parents commit to lugging a few textbooks around throughout the vacation. But realistically, Spring Break is meant to be a break, and it’s easy to loose track of responsible goals when jet-skis are readily available.  All vacations come to an end eventually, and returning to real life can be quite overwhelming! Sometimes It seems like the week after spring break is just a flurry of quizzes and tests. So what does a good parent do? 

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Start Strong!

The biggest danger of coming back from vacation is failing to fall back into the regular momentum of school life. If you can encourage your favorite student or students to hit the ground running, that can mean the difference between clicking back into regular productivity, and the worst alternative— Work piling up more and more until the student is completely overwhelmed.

Strategy is key

Make a plan. Get it started on vacation if you can! While school can feel thousands of miles away, (especially if your vacation takes you thousands of miles from school!) returning from spring break often means returning to tests and quizzes and other challenges that might require more than a quick study session. From spring, summer is only a few months away and it’s time to start collecting and perfecting both material and study skills for big end-of-year tests. So make sure you know what’s coming!


On the other side of the coin, don’t overdo it! A week of uninterrupted vacation may be great, but in addition to missing school, your kids have been missing their friends and extracurricular activities. Returning to normal life means restoring all of the connections that allow your kids to develop, not only academically but socially and creatively. Make sure your expectations for school work still allow your kids to live a little!

Proper Diet

With vacation comes indulgence, which means lots of fat and sugar. While exploring the various combinations of fat and sugar can be one of life’s greatest delights, indulgent treats are not the best for supporting a growing brain. Make sure your kids are eating plenty of vegetables, grains, and not simply gorging themselves on fast food and candy. Eating foods with complex carbohydrates, like whole wheat grains and legumes, can help your kids stay focused throughout the day, and process information better. It takes the right fuel to drive success!

Get Some Sleep!

Perhaps the most difficult requirement, sleep is key. Of course, try telling that to your children. Inevitably, an extra hour of texting will have more appeal than the abstract notion of allowing the brain to rest and process and prepare. But without adequate sleep, the brain really can’t do it’s job. All the preparation and strategy can’t overcome the limits of the human brain!

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