Usually, if I buy a product that says ages six and up, I don’t take the ‘up’ part too seriously. The product will probably be good for a 6 year old, and maybe slightly entertaining for parents. I don’t buy a ‘six and up’ toy assuming that I will want to play with it just as much as a six year old, or my own eight year old son.

Unfortunately, IQ-Fit has thrown a monkey wrench into my understanding of product labelling. It’s fun! It’s challenging— For me! My son loves it, but I keep pulling the box out when I have a bit of downtime, even if my son is asleep or at school. IQ-Fit is truly an engaging, challenging puzzle for anybody, ages six and up.

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The kit is pretty simple— the ‘board’ is a 6 by 10 grid of small round divots.The ‘fit’ part of IQ-Fit comes into play with the 3-d puzzle pieces. Each piece is a brightly colored structure of little balls, unique 3d structures that can challenge even the most dedicated puzzle-solvers. A booklet with over 120 challenges lays out the rules—arrange the pieces to match the illustration in the booklet, filling all of the divots on the board. Simple, right? Not quite! Filling the grid involves turning and stacking the 3d pieces, fitting everything together to seamlessly fill the board.

The challenges have a wide range in difficulty, meaning both my son and I are often stumped. IQ-Fit is a real spatial workout, challenging brains young and old alike to think about placing 3d pieces to match a 2d layout. And when the time comes to put IQ-Fit away, the pieces and challenge manual all nest perfectly into the board, which features a closing lid. Too easy! And with no need for electricity, IQ-Fit is the ultimate solution for power outages and campfires. 

IQ-Fit is currently available from Amazon for $9.99. It’s also available as a reward from the Learn & Earn App for Math. Learn & Earn lets kids pick their motivation, choosing a reward and working daily towards their goals. Learn & Earn for Math features an adaptive curriculum for grades 1-4 with over 500,000 questions, comprehensively structured to target American grade level standards for math. Set your expectations, sit back, and watch your child drive her own success!

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