Solar power is not the most kid-friendly subject. Discussion of solar panels tends to involve tax credits and efficiency and milliamp hours. Talking about solar technology, for the most part, is about as interesting to children as discussing insurance plans and comparing the details of liability clauses. Most people think solar power is a good idea, but is solar power 'fun'? While solar technology provides only 2% the world’s energy, that figure has quadrupled since 2012, which many experts point to as a sign that solar energy is here to stay.

So why shouldn’t kids have the chance to explore this exciting new green frontier? Thanks to the award-winning team at OWI robotics, they can. The OWI 6 in 1 Educational Solar Kit puts the benefits of green technology in a fun, easy package. Recommended for kids 10 and up, the OWI kit includes 21 tool-free parts, a solar panel and a motor. No batteries are included, because no batteries are needed! The included solar cell will power all possible creations with a bit of direct sunlight.

The kit allows for the easy construction of 6 moving projects, ranging from windmills to planes to puppies. Construction is a snap— literally! The 21 parts snap together with ease. An included booklet provides clear instructions for hassle-free assembly. Each project is completely solar powered and self contained, allowing kids to fully explore the basics of solar technology. Hands-on projects have been shown to encourage brain development, helping kids form the foundational cognitive skills for future success. 

At the time of writing, the OWI Educational Solar Kit is available for only $10 from Amazon. But kids can also earn the kit with a week of math practice or less, with the Learn & Earn App for Math. Learn & Earn lets kids pick a reward and earn it by working daily toward their goals. Learn & Earn for Math features over 500,000 questions, comprehensively structured to target Common Core Grade Standards. Set your expectations, sit back, and watch your child drive her own success!

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