Chess is big. Nearly 10% of the world’s population play chess actively. And it makes sense— The game dates back over 1500 years to India. The simple grid of 64 squares allows for endless strategy and constant challenge. But it’s no secret that the game is intimidating to the uninitiated. It’s a lot to take in for a child. For an adult who has never played chess, the game can seem like an obscure ritual enjoyed exclusively by supercomputers, evil geniuses, and Russians. And the digital age doesn’t help. Netflix can be passively enjoyed, indefinitely, with a couple of clicks.

So why learn chess? For a start, it’s good for the brain. In the U.S., 78% of regular chess players have graduate degrees. Which might explain why there has been so much research on the benefits of chess. Chess has been shown to boost problem-solving skills, improve math, reading, memory, and even improve IQ. Chess has been shown to literally help the brain grow, improving the brain’s ability to process and function at a cellular level. Chess is good for all ages, from supporting development of youth, to helping the old stay sharp.

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All of this may sound great, but it doesn’t really help demystify the game. Luckily, No Stress Chess is on the job. An elegant analog solution, No Stress Chess makes learning chess as easy as drawing cards. Literally! The included move cards allow anyone, ages 7 and up, to jump right into a game of chess. Players start by simply drawing and playing move cards. Each move card features a chess piece, and a legal move. Eventually the player can move on to drawing a hand of 5 moves. Once the player is comfortable with the basic rules, playing a real game of chess is as easy as flipping over the board! Which is usually a much more aggressive thing to do in chess.

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No Stress Chess is currently available for $15 on Amazon. It’s also available as a reward in the Learn & Earn App for Math! With Learn & Earn, kids drive their own success, choosing a reward and working daily towards their goals. When a reward is earned, parents can order the reward with a few quick clicks on a smartphone, and motivation is in the mail. With a curriculum designed to meet and exceed Common Core Grade Standards, Learn & Earn makes success easy: Set your expectations, sit back, and watch your child drive her own success!

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