Learn & Earn App for Math

What does it take to make kids love math?
Tried a boring math drill app or a fun math game? Meh...

Learn & Earn combines math curriculum with a focus on motivating kids
to practice regularly and effectively!

Make kids want their daily dose of math!
Research backed. Practical. Powerful.

The only app that combines 100s of math skills with
strategies for regular learning

Making math learning fun and effective requires an app that goes beyond the curriculum. We focus on the real challenges that stand in the way of learning, by combining powerful, research-backed ideas:

  1. Keep math practice timeboxed (shorter timed sessions) but regular. Research shows that "10 minutes of math everyday" works as or more effectively for elementary schoolers! Plus, less push-back means more results! Team up with your child's teacher so he or she can help you set the math practice.
  2. Make kids want their daily dose of math! Research shows that encouragement by parents - or conversely, math anxiety - makes a huge difference on a child's math performance. With Learn & Earn, parents connect serious, regular learning goals to real rewards!
  3. Our assignments auto-tune to each child for each skill. For kids that are struggling, the app automatically recommends foundational skills to practice. We have 100s of skills and thousands of quizzes designed by teachers to exceed Common Core requirements.
  4. Affordable! We understand that the costs for a tablet and the app subscription might be a burden for some families. Affordability is one of our key values. Therefore we have taken the effort to confirm that the Learn & Earn app work on the amazon Kindle Fire tablet that costs less than 50$. In addition to that our classroom subscriptions start as low as 10$ per year for families or are free if the school pays.

Available for Grades K to 4 math on iPad and Grades 1 to 4 for most Android and Kindle Fire tablets. Kindergarten support for Kindle and Android on its way! 

Motivate regular math practice. Team up with teachers. Set up in seconds. See results in days!

Today's Math apps: Joyless drills. Barely used.

Learn & Earn gives math practice a much needed makeover.

Math practice or assignments are a chore for many kids and the environment at home has a huge impact. Research shows that math anxiety among parents rubs off on their kids. On the other hand, an encouraging environment at home has lots of benefit, but not every family has the time or means to make it happen.

With Learn & Earn, you create a positive mood around math and encourage regular practice! Learn & Earn allows parents to connect serious learning goals to real rewards that kids can earn.

A slice of pizza could be 3 days of math practice, a soccer ball for 15 and a visit to the local park for 5 days. Kids pick their rewards among those that parents approve and then work through several days of math practice to earn them!
The Learn & Earn app is the first app to enable and encourage timeboxed practice. Have a teacher that will team up with you? Invite your teacher to help set assignments!

Research shows that focused and regular, timeboxed practice produces the best results. A 10 or 15 minutes of math practice, done everyday has the biggest effect with minimum push back!

Setting up home practice simply requires you (or the teacher) to pick skills that your child should be working on - and for how long. For kids that are ahead of class or struggling, you can easily pick different skills. Assignments set up in seconds!

Our app includes 100s of math skills designed by teachers, covering 100,000s of questions - that exceed Common Core requirements.  
Not every child learns equally quickly and learning differs dramatically in math. Encouraging and challenging all kids at all times can be difficult and time-consuming. 

The Learn & Earn app automatically adapts to each student's learning curve. Assignments in each skill pick questions depending on how well a child is doing in that skill.

For kids that are struggling with a particular skill, the app automatically recommends foundational skills to practice. So every child achieves and improves in their 10 or 15 minutes, in their own way.

Get Started Now.

Free to try until we know its working for your kids and for you.
You can download the app from the Apple App Store (for iPads), and from Google Play (for Android tablets), or the Amazon Store (for Kindle Fires) - and register your account.

If a teacher has invited you, please make sure you register using the same email address that the teacher used to invite you and your child's profile should be already waiting for you when you login.
Learn & Earn encourages parents to connect serious learning goals - several days of math practice, to rewards. Our favorite category is rewards that cost nothing - except the parents' time: a child's favorite homemade meal, a visit to the park, or screen-time. Or add paid rewards - popular among current users - where you screen 100s of affordable rewards from Amazon.com and the iTunes store that cost $5 or below.

Let kids earn that weekend movie rental & feel empowered and motivated. With Learn & Earn, you reward regular practice - and encourage good learning habits. Find your kids develop a learning habit as they commit to serious goals.

Every time your child earns a reward, you'll get an email from the app with a summary of their math practice and instructions to meet your reward pledge. Maybe its time to go back and tweak that goal: Adjust practice times. Choose new skills.

Maybe add a custom reward that your child has been wanting. Or if its working: simply let it be - and wait for that next reward notification email!